Wings For Life

“When you believe in yourself – anything is possible”

Wings For Life

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Wings For Life

What is it?

Wings for Life is a unique Coaching programme which enables women to redefine and rediscover purpose, confidence and happiness in their day to day lives.

Designed and founded by experienced Confidence and Positive Lifestyle Coach, Sarah Virag, Wings for Life offers an unrivalled opportunity for any woman overwhelmed by the demands of modern life and imbalanced relationships to assess, modify and greatly enhance her day to day rhythm in a professionally guided, structured way.

Wings For Life

Who is it for?

This exclusive programme has been created for any woman who currently feels stuck, overwhelmed and uncertain following a major emotional transition such as divorce – and who has decided to work towards something more fulfilling.

She may be:

  • Tired of juggling too much
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed and unable to cope
  • Lacking in self esteem and self confidence
  • Seeking clarity and a more harmonious way of living
  • Seeking to activate dormant goals and see them come to fruition with the support of an experienced Life Coach
  • In need of consistent, caring support to push forwards in life
  • Ready for positive, unconditional change

Wings For Life

What are the benefits to me?

By the end of the ten week programme, you can expect to see and feel an improvement in the following areas;

  • Renewed zest for life
  • Increased self confidence and self worth
  • Confidence in your own decision making abilities
  • A tool box of Coaching skills and resources at your fingertips
  • An increased feeling of positivity and happiness as anxiety diminishes
  • The ability to say ‘no’ when it serves your own important needs best
  • A heightened sense of self worth – and learning the importance of self love

Wings For Life

How does it work?

“Life is just too short to settle for second best. But when you take control of your own life? Amazing things are sure to happen!”

Sarah Virag

  • Wings for Life is a ten week, one on one Coaching programme.
  • Prior to starting the course, all clients have an initial consultation.
  • Clients then have weekly, pre scheduled, one hour private sessions with me throughout the ten week period of the course.
  • Coaching sessions are held with me via Skype videocall or phone call from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Clients also have direct email and mobile access to me throughout the ten week programme.
  • Sessions will cover all the support elements necessary for individual success.
  • These include (but are not limited to):

Client’s background story, explanation of current situation, clarifying goals and expectations, discussion of obstacles and challenges to success (real and imagined, external and internal), focus on perceived strengths and how to maximise them, access to helpful resources (family? friends? authors? art? music?), agreement of structured timeline plan for growth and achievement of personal goals, ongoing support with the achievement of these goals via a series of smaller, tailored steps, recognition for forward steps and adjustment for any backward ones, access to coach’s personal resources, full professional advice, motivational support and encouragement throughout.

Wings For Life

Will I have reached my goals in this time?

Every client’s needs and goals are highly individual. It is therefore impossible to predict in advance whether the ten week programme in itself will be long enough to result in exacting goals having been met.

All clients, however, finish the programme having moved to a new and positively enlightened place. For some, the Wings for Life programme will take them to complete, next level awareness of where their life is going. Occasionally, clients will ask for additional ‘booster’ sessions, or continue personal Coaching after the programme comes to an end. The decision is entirely yours.

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