Why Coaching?


“Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation
than they do planning their life.”

Michael Hyatt


Why coaching

What’s all the fuss about Coaching?


Curious to know a bit more about the Coaching process?  You’re in the right place.

From early beginnings on the fringe of modern day alternative‘ practice (primarily within the sports sector), Coaching has grown exponentially in recent years.

Huge multi national organisations, CEO’s, world leaders, thinkers and corporate bodies all now acknowledge and capitalise on the power of coaching in the day to day personal and business lives of both themselves, and their staff.

Coaching in the USA alone is a mushrooming, billion dollar a year industry, with the UK and other countries quickly following suit.

A powerful and effective means of self improvement

It has come to be recognised as one of the most powerful and effective means of self improvement; allowing people to reach their full potential and project forwards to a better, more accomplished and fulfilled next phase of life, whether in terms of their relationships, self confidence, business savvy or any number of other areas.

The process unfolds over a period of weeks, months (or sometimes even longer), with the support and encouragement of a motivational, experienced third party guide; ie the Life Coach.

Why do people turn to coaches?

People turn to Coaches for any number of reasons; for support and advice when struggling with relationship issues, for improved business know how, health and diet guidance, help with confidence/public speaking/leadership/self esteem…the list goes on and on.

In our highly mobile, fast paced modern society, the role of a Coach cannot be underestimated. Coaches provide consistent, ongoing support and motivation towards the attainment of personal goals that family and friends often cannot.

For some, a Coach can make all the difference between success or failure in any given area of their personal or business life.

Notably, Coaching is hugely versatile in the amount of areas covered by its specialists.The trick is always in finding the right Coach for you; someone with great experience in the area you are struggling with. Above all, someone with whom you have chemistry. These two factors, along with a commitment from you, will assure a great outcome.

What can a Coach do for me?

A Coach will do all of the following:

  • Consider your unique current situation and set of circumstances.
  • Clarify your goals and desires. What specific outcome(s) do you hope to achieve?
  • Explore the obstacles (real or imagined) preventing you from achieving your goals. What are they?
  • Discuss, agree and set in motion a personal roadmap or schedule to meet these goals within a set period of time – adjusting the path along the way if necessary.
  • Have an ongoing, meaningful conversation and working relationship with you, which will fully motivate, activate and consolidate your success in achieving your goals.

How does a Coaching session work?

Each Coach/Client relationship is entirely unique. However the basic premise of coaching will usually follow this broad structure;

An introductory talk to run through basic client information and background. This happens most often via Skype video or internet call.

A start date will be agreed, along with a commitment on your behalf to be available for the pre-agreed coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions depend very much on the needs of the individual. They can take place weekly or bi monthly, for example. Sessions can be for 45 minutes, an hour or even longer, if necessary. Some coaching is ad hoc, some takes the form of programmes of so many weeks or months, some is ongoing and as required. Consistency is key to success.

How long does the process take?

Every client will have a unique set of goals and expectations. With commitment to a solid coaching process or programme, these goals can be met and sometimes even exceeded within a given timeframe.

At other times, clients will ask for further, ongoing support coaching, or return for a refresher set of sessions further down the line.

Every situation is entirely unique, and most Coaches are very happy to respond to the individual needs of their clients.

Why should I discuss my goals with a Coach?

A good coach/client relationship quickly becomes a very supportive, open one.

A coach is there to make you feel relaxed. To encourage you to be fully transparent about your goals and expectations for the future.

With a coach, a client can relax and open up about personal dreams and goals that he or she may not feel comfortable discussing with family or friends. This ‘third party’ trust is very important to the coaching process, and will always be respected by the professional guiding you.

A coach will continually motivate you, and make you answerable to him or her in a way that close family or friends most likely will not. Because the emotional attachment is removed, a coach can view your situation from a more helpful, objective standpoint.

Here is one of the ways I like to summarise coaching to my own clients:

Client    +    Coach    +    Clarity    +    Commitment    +    Confidence (in the process and yourself)


It’s a SIX-C process!

Could coaching perhaps take you to the place you want to be? …And what’s my role as your Confidence Coach?

My own goal is to guide female clients who feel stuck and overwhelmed following difficult emotional life transitions (notably divorce) –  to a more purposeful, positive and fulfilling new place in their lives.

This life enhancing process is achieved by following a unique and dynamic, one to one Coaching process; Wings For Life.

Developed over the course of two decades – and based on my own successful journey back to happiness (and that of my clients) –  this programme empowers women looking to regain control of their lives and develop a firm trust in their own inner strengths and unique sense of being,

For more details of this exclusive, ten week programme, please take a look at this Wings For Life link.

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