You’ve got Tony Robbins ‘Unleashing’ it all on You Tube whilst you reach out for ‘just one more’ doughnut…

I hear you. Self motivation sure is a fickle beast!

We know we need to push to get things done. We know it takes effort. But life (and, er, doughnuts) always get in the way, right?

“Nothing happens until something moves.” Einstein.

So. How exactly do you create motion in a lazy body or mind?

Try these 5 great tricks for nudging yourself into action mode pronto;

  1. Reframe Your Self Talk

Firstly, let’s rethink what’s going on in your head.

Instead of; “Why the hell can’t I get off the couch today and go for a run?!” – try –

“Hey you! Wouldn’t it be great to pull on those fave trainers and have a gentle jog around the park? Imagine how great you’d feel afterwards?”

See the difference?

If someone spoke to you in an aggressive, demeaning way, how would you feel? Hurt and resentful probably. You would be motivated to do?

– zero!

So try tweaking that all important self talk, and you’ll be amazed at how it can change your outlook for everything on the agenda.

  1. Gather Your Productivity Weapons!

Little things: Start your day feeling good about your appearance. Tidy your desk. Put some flowers in a vase to inspire you. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Create an air of order around you.

Superficial things? Maybe. Super helpful to a positive mindset?

Most definitely!

  1. Small Wins Are Key.

Here’s another great way to create momentum in your day; by blitzing the annoying small stuff!

Make that one darned phone call you’ve been putting off all week.

Pay a bill.

Finalise that nagging online booking.

Crack through the small, irritating things that clog up your day, and you’ll be high fiving yourself within no time.

Important note: Beware the ‘email checking whirlpool’ that takes you – all of us – into downward spiralling distraction mode.

  1. Get Started & The Momentum Will Follow

You start.

You gather momentum for the task at hand.

Your mood changes.

Your sense of motivation catches up – hooray!

Remember that the most important element of fuelling up your motivational juices is always;


The ones that follow then generate more and more impetus to continue. And succeed. The feel good factor kicks in. You see some results. You feel good! The motivational juices start to flow like crazy.

And last but by no means least;


This is the game changer! The one you need to sit up and fully absorb.

What is one of the most overlooked, critical keys to changing the motivational landscape?


Research shows that the ‘action – reward – motivation’ mentality cycle is real and important. Because it works – every time!

Even when your heart’s not fully into something? You can create incredible forward motion with the prospect of a reward.

A cup of coffee and fancy pastry at that incredible new Deli in town? (“Sure! When I crack that dreaded status report for the Boss on Thursday!”)

An indulgent mid week glass of bubbles with your partner? (“Can’t wait! Just need to finalise those accounts by Wednesday – and we have a date!”)

A leisurely weekend museum visit? (“I’d so love that! If I reach my goal of three runs this week – we’re cooking on gas for that!”)

Hatch a plan

Try hatching a plan of tiny or larger rewards – within your own budget limits if they cost money (but they don’t need to – weekend lie-in anyone?). Set mid week and end of week targets for yourself.

Now crack your personal targets or goals or ‘must do’s’ and – BOOM! Reward granted!

This kind of thinking leads to a fantastic, consistent spiral of small, ongoing successes. You’re anticipating something good – You work hard.

Then; Hey! Something good actually happens! Because you planned it that way.

“Great thinking, Batman!”

Seriously. It’s quite simple.

Don’t just set yourself up for another disappointment when motivation fades. Or dies.


Inspire yourself to success with a simple reward system that you get to decide on. What will it be?

Your takeaway? That first tiny step can lead to wherever you want to go! But you must reward small actions in tangible ways you can look forward to!

Before you go…

Do drop a line in the comments box below to tell us if this system works for you? How do you motivate yourself to keep going? We’d love to know your secrets! And if you enjoyed this post, click on the links below for related reading;

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