About Me


What do you get when you blend English tradition with the pulse of South America, the colours and heartbeat of South Africa and a good dash of European pizazz?  You get me – Sarah; Confidence Coach, Writer, Lifelong Nomad, Designer, Tea Guzzler and proud Mother of three.  Read a bit more about my journey here.

My Story

Around the world

At six weeks old I was in my Mother’s arms and jetting out of London Heathrow en route for Guyana, South America.

I have not stopped moving since!

My entomologist father’s unusual career created a somewhat extraordinary lifestyle for the family; and as a child, I shuttled endlessly back and forth between the UK, Guyana and a handful of colourful Caribbean islands too.

The loss of my adored father at the tender age of just twelve years was to be the worst blow of my entire life – coming just two months before I was due to start at UK boarding school. Thankfully, idyllic teenage summers at our holiday home in Ontario, Canada somehow helped ease my aching heart, and further developed a growing sense of my young, capable self.

A degree in Modern Languages followed – with spells living in both France and Spain, and then the ‘corporate’ years in Incentive & Motivational Marketing for large blue chips worldwide. This was an incredible period; educational, exhilarating and exhausting.

My former career took me, quite literally, all over the world. Innate organisational skills saw me managing high profile events at every possible destination. From jet skiing with client groups in the Bahamas, to super yachts in the South of France and Bermuda. It included the champagne lifestyle of private jets, Formula One, celebrity VIP events and English stately homes. Endless, eye opening experience for sure.

Marriage to a former client, children and a (seemingly) luxury lifestyle of my own followed.

Sadly, behind closed doors, almost a decade of horrific domestic abuse had begun to unravel. This long, and incredibly challenging period finally came to an end the other side of the world – in the very male orientated High Court of South Africa.

The good news? My passion for Coaching was born, and it turned out to be the silver lining in a very harrowing, personal cloud.

Nowadays, back at my UK base, I’m happily remarried, with three beautiful children. I’m a full time Coach and writer, and very passionate about helping women rediscover their own unique sense of identity. It’s the one that drives you, I – all of us – to do incredible things for ourselves, our families and the world beyond our doorsteps.

My motto?

“When you believe in yourself – absolutely anything is possible!”

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Influences & Memories


Good Old Blighty

Favourite things: tradition mixed with quirkiness, oddball humour, outlandish place names (my Birthplace? Ashby-de-la-Zouch!), the glorious ‘Beeb‘ (BBC), the South Coast, architecturally blessed Oxford and London, dazzling stately homes and castles –  a national appreciation of tea and all things chocolatey. Although I’ve currently spent almost more of my life outside of the UK than living here, it will always be my true home.


Mother Nature’s Show Stopper

Hibiscus, oleander, frangipani, the breathtaking rainforest, sultry climate, dazzling colours and fruits, tropical rainstorms, indigenous Amerindian tribes, red water creeks, towering palms, baking heat, warm breezes and intoxicating scents. South America casts a strong spell indeed.  Top places? My childhood home of Georgetown, Guyana, but also Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad & Tobago.


Expansive Living

What’s unique? Vast terrains and The Great Outdoors. Dream chasers, oddball activities and saturated consumerism. Some special personal memories were made in Toronto, Montreal, Algonquin National Park (Canada); the Florida Keys, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and LA, and the Nevada Mountains (US). From harrowing grizzly bear adventures in Canada, to the extravagant tackiness of Las Vegas, the jaw dropping majesty of the Grand Canyon, and surviving a tornado whilst on a boat in the Florida Keys – this continent taught me all about doing things on a big scale.


The Rainbow Nation

A country of such incredible contrasts, struggle and social upheaval, outstanding natural beauty, wealth of creative genius and diversity. My top place? Cape Town – otherwise known as ‘The Mother City’ – was my home of thirteen years, and has left an indelible footprint on my soul. It’s here that fate blew my soulmate into my life after a long period of unhappiness. It’s the place where one of my children was born, and all three of them enjoyed early childhood. Wonderful lifelong friendships were forged in this magical place, along with such an appreciation for Mother Nature at her mind blowing best.


Distinct flavours

For me, Europe has always been about adventure. The thrill of new cultures, languages and ways of being. The countries here all have their own unique flavours and charm. My memory bank literally overflows from time spent in uber modern, stylish Zurich and Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, sun baked University summers in Greece; elegant Paris, Nice and Deauville in France; the laid back charm of Sorrento, Bellagio, Sardinia and seductive Milan in Italy; the faded elegance of proud Budapest in Hungary – so many to choose from – so little space!

Regardless of where we are born and where life may take us, every unique journey moulds such an incredible, one-of-a-kind human blueprint.

Celebrate that always!

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