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I’m Sarah. How lovely to see you here.

I feel so privileged that my work as a Confidence Coach brings me into contact with some truly incredible women. Women who are ready to shake up their world and move forward to a more positive, life affirming place.

Regular one on one Coaching sessions form the basis of my signature Wings for Life programme. Firstly it’s all about clarifying my clients’ personal goals and obstacles, and then getting down to the wonderfully empowering business of taking steps towards a brighter future. In this respect, personal Coaching is a hugely beneficial process, and one that is now recognised globally for the incredible results it brings.

Are you perhaps looking for a way to take that first step too?



What my clients say

“I’m so grateful”

“I’m so grateful to you Sarah! After 3 months I’ve made such a lot of personal progress which wouldn’t have…”


“The push I needed”

“Man! I feel like a (new) woman! … and it’s mostly thanks to you Sarah. You’ve no idea how much I looked…”


“I have been blown away”

“I don’t normally write things like this, but Sarah, you certainly deserve every bit of praise you receive as a Life Coach …”


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5 Reasons To Believe In Yourself

5 Reasons To Believe In Yourself

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt The other day, whilst waiting to meet a friend, I overheard something that made me stop and reflect a little. A lady at the next table sighed rather loudly; “I feel like I’m waiting for a bus that never...


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